Handheld Acoustic Camera for realtime localization

These videos gives a short introduction into our acoustic camera with realtime software Smart Vision in the field of automotive/NVH/BSR. It is a handheld device which displays the results in realtime on the mounted tablet. Fast process can be replayed in slowmotion. By using the headphones you can listen to one focused point of the result.

As the acoustic camera is a handheld device mobile measurements (e.g. car interior) are easy to do. The mounted tablet displays the results in realtime. You can play the results as a acoustic-video with sound or in slowmotion picture by picture as we offer up to 100 acoustic-resulst a second. By focusing on one spot on your measurement object you can listen to that sound.

  • handheld and mobile system (sensors, data acquistion system, analysis and result displaying in one unit)
  • realtime results (acoustic picture, spectrum, sonogramm)
  • up to 100 acoustic pictures a second
  • picture-by-picture replay (slowmotion)
  • focusing on a spot

You can see which injector is injecting the gas at which time. The first part of the video is the realtime result. As their are a lot of injections per second we added a slowmotion so you can see that the injectors are reacting one after each others.

For displaying fast processes like this you will need a high resolution in time which we can provide with our Smart-Solution (up to 100 acoustic pictures a second).