Compressed air leak detection with the SoundCam

How much could you save if you could see compressed air leaks?

The SoundCam locates sound sources in real time and immediately displays the results on the screen.

Compressed air leaks can account for up to 40% of power wastage. With the SoundCam, you can quickly locate compressed air, gas and vacuum leaks and turn off your energy wasters. The SoundCam simply highlights the location of your compressed air leaks in colour on an image. Disturbing ambient noises are suppressed so that use is possible even in a running production environment.

This is a line for processing wood panels, drilling, milling, cutting and so on. In this example, you see a valve terminal with 32 valves, it is very noisy because the drilling gear (the larger hot spot) rotates. One of the valves is manipulated from a distance of 2 meters (leaking), so that you cannot hear any difference with or without leakage. But the SoundCam can see it, locate it and then you can eliminate the leakage and save energy and money - produce less CO2.