Compressed air leakage detector SoundCam: Cost reduction through leakage detection

What can your company save in energy costs?

The SoundCam Ultra detects compressed air leaks in real time and displays them in color. The analysis can be used from near to far and during ongoing production by suppressing background noise. The camera analyzes the environment over a large area and thus achieves at least 80% time savings compared to conventional detection systems.

Cost calculation of compressed air leaks

The calculation of the life cycle costs (LCC) of a compressed air system shows that energy costs usually account for more than 75% of the total costs1. For this reason, many companies carry out regular audits and inspections of their machines and equipment.

Costs of a compressed air system over the life cycle (LCC)

assumptions: 110kW, life cycle 15 years, working hours 4000h/a, energy costs 9ct/kWh

Investment costs


121.846 €

Maintenance costs


45.682 €

Energy costs


594.000 €

Total costs


761.538 €

By successfully detecting and eliminating leaks, an average of 12% of energy costs can be saved2. In the example above, this would be 12% of 594.000€ = 71.280€.  In addition, the operational safety is increased and by reducing the compressor running times, the maintenance intervals and the service life of the plant are extended.

The life cycle costs (LCC) were calculated using the tool from the Universität Stuttgart - Institut für Energiewirtschaft und Rationelle Energieanwendung. You can download the Excel tool here to calculate the costs of your plant. 

Camera detects compressed air leaks quickly and efficiently

With the SoundCam Ultra a fast and effective detection of leaks is performed. It is the only acoustic camera that is dust and splash-proof (IP54). It operates in a frequency range up to 100 kHz. It has 72 microphones and offers strong light for dark environments due to its 4 LEDs. The SoundCam Ultra is ready for operation in about 30 seconds and immediately records the data and, if desired, saves the results as images and video for later reporting.

Economic profitability of the elimination of compressed air leaks over a lifetime

Economic analysis of life cycle costs (LCC) based on the previous example



71.280 €

additional investment costs


-6.092 €

additional maintenance costs


-4.569 €

Investement SoundCam Ultra


-8.799 €


Added value in compressed air leak detection with the SoundCam Ultra

  • The leakages are depicted in real time in color on the display
  • Analysis from near to far (from 0.2 m to over 10 m)
  • Can be used in running production by suppressing background noise
  • At least 80% time saving compared to standard detection systems
  • Wide frequency range up to 100.000 Hz
  • World's only splash-proof hand-held camera (IP54)
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Ready for operation in approx. 30 s for all applications
  • Extremely fast and easy localization of noises / leaks
  • Immediately available measurement data
  • Free Windows Software

Download White Paper Compressed Air, Leakage, Cost and Detection

Download a white paper with information on compressed air, its costs, the enormous financial losses caused by compressed air leaks and how to find compressed air leaks here.