Locating and identify bats with the SoundCam Ultra


Locate and identify bats with the extreme-mobile SoundCam Ultra. As bats send ultrasonic signals to orientate themselves and to locate their food, so they can be easily located with the SoundCam Ultra. The SoundCam Ultra and also the sensor (for stationary use) are perfect to capture and image these signals in real time.

Today you use thermal imaging cameras and additional ultrasonic microphones. The SoundCam Ultra combines both technology in one device to deliver perfect imaging documentation based on high acoustic frame rate, videos (also slow motion) and photos of the measurement data.

Why does SoundCam Ultra help? (You can find a detailed white paper at the bottom.)

  • Real-time image localization of the bats makes the measurements very simple

  • No time-consuming preparation is necessary for the measurements

  • The SoundCam Ultra is ready for operation in about 30 seconds

  • The SoundCam Ultra is a small handheld device that allows measurements at a great distance to the animals

  • The high acoustic frame rate is crucial for transient sounds, e.g. "calls" of the bat

  • The SoundCam Ultra models allows objective recording and visual documentation, so that the bat species can be determined

  • Automatic triggering of measurements via triggers

  • The SoundCam Ultra sensor a measuring device for permanent use (also outdoors IP 54)

With real-time localization in conjunction with imaging, the SoundCam facilitates measurements to the point of factual documentation of results in video, image and "sound.""

The SoundCam Ultra Sensor is ideal for stationary use.

Download White Paper Bat detection and identification with the SoundCam Ultra

White paper with information on bat detection and identification.