SoundCam in power distribution - localizing partial discharge

Real-time image localization of ultrasonic sources in high resolution with the portable SoundCam Ultra. Partial discharges can occur on power lines, in windings and other electrical equipment. They can occur due to faulty enamel wires, due to insulation faults or faults in windings or similar. Since partial discharges are localized electrical discharges, locating them requires a very high acoustic frame rate during measurement.

Why does SoundCam Ultra help?

  • Real-time image localization makes measurements easy and speeds up the workflow (no preparation required)
  • The SoundCam Ultra is a small handheld device that allows measurements at a great distance from the source of danger but also in small rooms
  • The high acoustic frame rate is crucial for transient noises, e.g. partial discharges
  • Because the SoundCam Ultra is a lightweight, ergonomic handheld instrument, it is ideal for permanent mobile use
  • The SoundCam enables objective recording and visual document so that subjective assessments by individuals are avoided

“With the real-time localization combined with the imaging, the SoundCam facilitates measurements and accelerates the entire workflow to the factual documentation of the results in video, image, and sound.”

For stationary use the SoundCam Ultra Sensor is suitable.

Here you can find an even more detailed version of the video: