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Acoustic Camera / sound source localization - Noise Inspector

Noise Inspector logo acoustic camera beamforming antenna holography
acoustic camera flexible system beamforming antenna microphone array

Sound source localization is made very easy with acoustic cameras. The results are presented as a colored acoustic picture or acoustic movie and are easy to interpret for everybody. With this powerful acoustic tool it is possible to make acoustic optimization not just for sound design and NVH but also for failure diagnosis e.g. gear or leakage detection on engines. Futhermore the acoustic camera is an important tool for noise reduction e.g. machine covers or buildings.

The Noise Inspector is a new generation of acoustic camera. The unique modular acoustic camera system makes it an optimal solution. Besides it is possible to expand the acoustic camera with an additional microphone array to open up new fields of application. For very fast troubleshooting an upgrade with an intensity array or an acoustic compass (3D acoustic intensity probe) offers you a high performance acoustic camera for every application.

  • optimized array shape for high dynamic range
  • flexible
  • mobile
  • robust
  • easy-to-use
  • a lot of algorithms for high resolution results
  • extremely low prices are guaranted

The given frequency range below the microphone array are suggestions from pratical usage. The simple data acquisition is possible from 20 Hz. Of course you can use the microphone array of the acustic camera in different frequency ranges.

Bionic XS-56 Array

Dimension: 27 cm
Application: from 2000 Hz
mobile handheld device


Bionic L-112 Array

Dimension: 170 cm
Application: from 350 Hz
exchangeable microphone array (XS, S and M)


Analog arrays

Dimension: from 60 cm
Application: from 100 Hz
with NI hardware


Bionic S-112 Array

Dimension: 60 cm
from <40 Hz holography & beamforming
exchangeable microphone array (XS, M and L)


Wind turbine Array

Dimension: 5000 cm
Application: from 120 Hz
specially for wind turbines



Dimension: 35 cm
Application: from 2000 Hz
handheld array


Bionic M-112 Array

Dimension: 100 cm
from <40 Hz holography & beamforming
exchangeable microphone array (XS, S and L)


3D Acoustic Camera

Dimension: from 40 x 40 x 40 cm
Application: 3D-Beamforming
user-defined microphone positions


Costumer specific

Dimension and shape customer defined
Setup of walls and rooms
analog or digital