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Acoustic Camera - customized microphone arrays

special microphone arrays for acoustic cameras

You already have a specific concept for your array? We implement your idea exactly how you want it. Our specialists can certainly advise you so that your custom microphone array meets the application needs precisely.

There are no limits for your acoustic camera. Not only is it possible to create a mobile solution but integration in walls or whole rooms is no problem. Choose between analog and digital technology and determine the required size, form and channel number for your application together with our experts.

You are interested in our acoustic camera with a customized microphone array → Send us your questions

Größe der akustischen Kamera according your needs
Spezifikationen der akustischen Kamera according your needs
Anzahl der Mikrofone der akustischen Kamera according your needs
empfohlener Frequenzbereich für die akustische Kamera according your needs
Fertigungsmaterial der akustischen Kamera according your needs
Gewicht der akustischen Kamera according your needs

We are supporting a lot of different microphones e.g.:


  • CAE microphones
  • G.R.A.S.
  • PCB
  • B&K
  • ...
We are supporting almost every National Instruments Chassis. The most common used hardware are PXI and cDAQ-Chassis. National Instruments Datenerfassung PXI und CDaQ

The data acquistion system is a National Instruments embedded-controller with real-time operating system and FPGA.

Number of channels 40
Samplerate per channel 48 kS/s
Resolution 24 bit
Synchronous sampling Yes
Interface to PC Ethernet
Fanless Yes
Additional inputs Trigger, Tacho (RPM)
Powersupply 12 V
Consumption < 7 W
Dimension 23 cm x 18,5 cm x 5,8 cm
Weight 2 kg

We support all National Instruments DSA-Cards (Dynamic Signal Acquisition).


  • NI PXI 4472B with 8 channels, voltage input or IEPE, 102,4 KHz per channel,  ±10V AV or DC, 110 dB dynamic
  • NI PXI 4496 with 16 channels, voltage input or IEPE, 204,8 KHz per channel, ±1V or  ± 10V AV, 113 dB dynamic
  • NI PXI 446x with 16 channels, voltage input or IEPE, 204,8 KHz per channel
  • NI 9234 with 4 channels, ±5 V, 51,2 kS/s per channel, 24-bit-IEP
  • NI 9239 with 4 channels, ±10 V, 50 kS/s per channel, 24-bit-IEP
  • ...

Not found your data acquisition card? Please contact us!

The Noise Inspector software is the standard solution for visualizing sound sources. The application-oriented software guides you from data acquistion to analysis to saving and reporting of acoustic data.

  • Online- and offline analysis
  • Acoustic-photo und acoustic-video
  • A lot of HD algorithms: Beamforming, EVOB, CLEAN SC, MUSIC, Capon, DAMAS, Real 3D Beamforming,...
  • Frequency analysis and time-frequency analysis (sonogram)
  • Acoustic weighting (A, B, C) or linear presentation
  • Open interface to Matlab for own algorithms
  • Easy export of terce/octave, measurement, acoustic-photo and acoustic-video
  • Playback of local sound
The following accessories are available for this system:

Zubehör Akustische Kamera Kalibratoradapter
Calibrator adapter
Zubehör Akustische Kamera Akku
Zubehör Akustische Kamera Kalibrator
Notebook or Tablet
Zubehör Akustische Kamera Pelicase
Flight case
Zubehör Akustische Kamera Windschützer
Beamforming results of a door leakage detection acoustic camera
Acoustic result of a door leakage detection
Beamforming results of a train acoustic camera
Acoustic result of a train (Beamforming)