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SMI SeeSV system is compatible with Noise Inspector acoustic camera beamforming antenna

The key components of the system of our partner SM Instruments are online analysis and mobility. The handheld array was honored with the reddot desing award in 2013. The system is often used for measurement from 2000 Hz.



350 mm
30 MEMS, samplerate 25,6 kHz
from 2000 Hz with a resolution of 60°
fibre-reinforced polymer
2,5 kg
The SM instruments software is very easy-to-use and simple. It offers you online analysis and helps you saving the acoustic data and acoustic photos. seesv software
  • online analysis
  • easy-to-use
  • ...

The Noise Inspector software is the standard solution for visualizing sound sources. The application-oriented software guides you from data acquistion to analysis to saving and reporting of acoustic data.

  • Online- and offline analysis
  • Acoustic-photo und acoustic-video
  • A lot of HD algorithms: Beamforming, EVOB, CLEAN SC, MUSIC, Capon, DAMAS, Real 3D Beamforming,...
  • Frequency analysis and time-frequency analysis (sonogram)
  • Acoustic weighting (A, B, C) or linear presentation
  • Open interface to Matlab for own algorithms
  • Easy export of terce/octave, measurement, acoustic-photo and acoustic-video
  • Playback of local sound
Beamforming results of a engine acoustic camera
Acoustic result of a car (Beamforming)
Beamforming results of a wiper acoustic camera
Acoustic result of a car wiper (Beamforming)