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Acoustic Camera - SoundCam Bionic M microphone array

SoundCam Bionic locates sound sources in real time and immediately displays them in an image.

The SoundCam Bionic M microphone array has a diameter of 100 cm and consists of 112 microphones. It is engineered for use from 40 Hz with the holography-method. The optimized microphone distribution guarantees a perfect sound source localization and a high dynamic range. The seven detachable microphone arms (setup about 1 minute) make the system very mobile with a small package size. Typical applications are wind power plants, gear, industrial facilities and environmental measurement.

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size of the acoustic camera 1000 mm
Spezifikationen der akustischen Kamera <33 dB to 120 dB with up to 40 dB dynamic
number of microphones of the acoustic camera 112 MEMS-microphones, 24 bit resolution,
Samplerate 48 kHz, frequencyrange 10 Hz - 24 kHz
recommend frequency range of the acoustic camera from <40 Hz with the holgraphy-method
from 250 Hz with beamforming-methods; below with decreased resolution
material of the acoustic camera Aluminium and PCB
weight of the acoustic camera 3,8 kg
SoundCam Bionic M Microphone Array Key Specifications
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Beamforming results of a motorbike acoustic camera
Acoustic result of a motorcycle (Beamforming)
Rotating Beamforming results of a fan acoustic camera
Acoustic result of a fan (Rotating Beamforming)