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Acoustic Camera - SoundCam Ultra IR

The First Handheld Sound Camera Acoustic Camera for Everyone. This camera images sound sources - SoundCam Ultra.

The SoundCam Ultra IR is the first and smallest handheld camera in the SoundCam family with an integrated thermal imaging camera. Like the SoundCam Ultra, it measures in a frequency range from 2 kHz to 100 kHz. It simultaneously records acoustic and thermal data.

The system is intuitive and easy to use. It locates sound and heat sources in real time and displays the results immediately on the screen. The SoundCam Ultra IR is therefore suitable for even more applications, such as locating acoustic emissions caused by thermal changes. It has long been the perfect maintenance tool for locating compressed air leaks.

As the SoundCam Ultra measures in the ultrasonic range, electrical partial discharges can be measured or monitored. Components that discharge and heat up due to a defect can be evaluated immediately. Software helps you to evaluate and document the compressed air leaks and partial discharges. Of course, this software is free of charge for our customers.

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First introduced on Kickstarter.

size of the acoustic camera 120 mm
Spezifikationen der akustischen Kamera <33 dB to 120 dB with up to 40 dB dynamic
number of microphones of the acoustic camera 72 MEMS-microphones, 24 bit resolution,
Samplerate 200 kHz, frequencyrange 10 Hz - 100 kHz
recommend frequency range of the acoustic camera from 2000 Hz with beamforming-methods; below with decreased resolution
material of the acoustic camera polymer
weight of the acoustic camera 1,5 kg
Beamfoming-result of a dashboard acoustic camera
BSR noise of a dashboard
Beamfoming-result of a home appliance acoustic camera
Sounds of a coffee machine
Quelle: BMBF