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Intensity Inspector

The probe based acoustic camera is used for noise localization of stationary or transient events. The often already existing intensity or sound velocity probe can easily be expanded by the addition of the Intensity Inspector software and a camera to a sound localization system.



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The measurement systems works with all kinds of sound intensity and sound velocity probes which are offered in one comprehensible package.

Should you already own a sound intensity probe you can use it with our system. Buying a new probe is unnecessary.

Probes with IEPE sensors can be connected directly the constant current supply can be switched optionally in the software.

Type NI USB 9234
Number of channels 4
Samplerate per channel 51,2 kS/s
Analog Input Resolution 24 bits
Dynamic range 103 dB
phase-synchronous data acquisition yes
Input voltage or software-selectable IEPE signal conditioning
Input range +- 5V AC or DC
Power supply USB
Size 131 mm x 88,6 mm x 33,3 mm

The Intensity Inspector is easy to use because of its application-oriented user interface and guides the user safely through the whole measuring and analysis process.

The configuration is neatly arranged, easy to do and restricted to only necessary information for the planned measurement.

The measure point position is recorded throughout the measurement via camera support. There is no need to prepare a measurement geometry so long waiting times will be omitted.

The result can be displayed at any time throughout the measurement. Because of this problematic locations can be discovered immediately and through more measurements resolutions can be refined.

Because the software needs no regular measure point distribution the resolution of interesting locations can be very refined without the need to do so on other locations as well.

Analysis results, acoustic images and spectra can be converted to word documents with a single mouseclick to make reporting easier.





Sound localisation with Intensity Inspector
Sound localisation with Intensity Inspector