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Sound power according to DIN EN ISO 9614

The "Intensity Inspector Sound Power" determines sound power levels of noise sources using sound intensity measurements according to DIN EN ISO 9614-2 and sound pressure levels at workstations according to DIN EN ISO 11201, 11202 and 11205.

This sound power information DIN EN ISO 9614 is required e.g. for the CE identification for machines.

The easy-to-use software guides you with image and text through the standardized sound power measurement, so that even unexperienced users can perform the acoustic measurement correctly.





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This measurement system works with all kinds of sound intensity probes which are offered by us in a comprehensive package.

Should you already own a sound intensity probe you can use it with the measurement system. Buying a new probe is not necessary.

With telescope arms of different sizes the probes can be optimized for each case of application. An optional remote control makes measuring a lot easier.

Type NI USB 9234
Number of channels 4
Samplerate per channel 51,2 kS/s
Analog Input Resolution 24 bits
Dynamic range 103 dB
phase-synchronous data acquisition yes
Input voltage or software-selectable IEPE signal conditioning
Input range +- 5V AC or DC
Power supply USB
Size 131 mm x 88,6 mm x 33,3 mm

The Intensity Inspector Sound Power software guides the user step-by-step through a standard measurement. An application-oriented and user friendly interface guarantees a fast and flawless operation. Criteria for determination of accuracy class are being monitored through the measurement so that faulty measurements are avoided. The test sequence as well as the automatically generated report layout can be customized to your application needs.


  • Measuring according to DIN EN ISO 9614-2
  • Determination of sound pressure levels of work stations compliant with DIN EN ISO 11201, 11202 and 11205
  • Easy probe calibration with validation of sound intensity and determination of pressure-residual intesity index
  • Free configuration of head data and test sequence
  • Geometry tool for creating hull planes
  • Import of pictures and drawings
  • Automated reporting with customizable templates
Hardware for sound power measuring according to DIN 9614
Result of a measurement on a production queue
Software for soud power measurement according to DIN 9614