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Dynamic test bench for testing of plastic and elastomer components

Dynamic test rigs are used to determine the dynamic and static properties and the behavior of plastic and rubber parts.

In contrast to steel, plastics and elastomers have strong dynamic characteristics and are effected by frequency, load and temperature. The determination of these properties requires special test rigs with special dynamic characteristics.

The test bench- and hardware must be able to control static and dynamic loads dependent on frequencies very accurately.

The calculation of the dynamic characteristics and elimination of boundary effects requires specialized knowledge and a lot of experience, which flows into our test bench and software development, so that these supply user-friendly and safely reliable results.

A static validation is a test with slow definable speed over a given amplitude which can consist of a displacement or a force. After measuring the displacement-/force diagram over a wide range it is possible to move toward specific points of strain in the measurement curve to test the stiffness with static preload. The measurement of static stiffness on this point is done from quasi-static e.g. 0,1 Hz up to a frequency of 5 Hz.



The dynamic validation enables measurement within a  frequency range from 5 Hz to 500 Hz (depending on the test stand). Here the amplitude gradients can be defined as paths, speeds, or accelerations (even combined) over the frequency. The tests can be done with static preloads. Evaluated will be stiffness, damping as well as loss angle.




With the software module "Verschleißprüfung" the probe can evaluated under static preload and dynamic amplitude with a fixed frequency. The runtime is predefined and either a force regulation or a stroke control will be applied. Force alternations will be counted and displayed in a diagram as load horizon over alternation number.

All test results as well as probe data and test conditions will be graphically displayed in a test report which is available as a word document.



Dynamic teststand for plastic- and elastomer parts
Dynamic teststand for plastic- and elastomer parts
Dynamic teststand for plastic- and elastomer parts