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Quality assurance through spectral fingerprint

Each machine and each part that moves or is moved, such as bearings, motors, gearboxes cause dynamic effects, vibrations which radiate over surfaces airborne noise. Error in these parts change the dynamic forces, the part sounds different and feels different. These subjective differences can be measured but this is not always easy. Often the amplitude of the vibrations changes only insignificantly. The tactile or audible difference is often justified only by changes in a narrow frequency band.

In the dynamic quality inspection only characteristic frequency bands are analyzed. Also sensor data are combined to view only certain directions. This result  is a reliable end-of-line testing.

The test stand software is customizable to the necessary test requirements.

Any number of test conditions can be defined and combined.

Test duration is customizable to production- and test requirements.

The system can be integrated into existing production management via digital inputs and outputs.

Test results will be recorded and can be inserted into databases for longtime analysis of production quality. Many times trends show small quality changes e.g. from component suppliers before it leads to production downtime.

For these tests we use reliable and high quality hardware from National Instruments.

Integration into production management is done via digital inputs and outputs.

The DSA (Dynamic Signal Aquisition) hardware reliably records the dynamic signals of accelerometers and microphones. Integrated Anti-Aliasing-Filters prevent troubles through interspearsal of higher frequency signals. IEPE sensors can be directly connected without further signal conditioning.

Expansions are possible at reasonable prices because of the wide range of NI Hardware and program development in LabVIEW. Besides structure-based and airborne sound other signals e.g. torque can be used as input value.